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Loes & Niko op weg naar Santiago

Samen Naar Santiago de Compostella

Op onze weg naar Santiago de Compostela zullen we hier verslag doen van onze vorderingen.
Dat zal niet dagelijks zijn, maar afhankelijk zijn van de beschikbaarheid van een internet verbinding.

Day 117 (25-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 26 Aug, 2015 19:13:40

This will be the final entry in the blog. Today we will go home. After a terrible night in which the food poisoning really developed. I awoke at 8:30 and I was exhausted. We packed our gear and went walking to the bus station. It is a pity we didn’t see Vincent and Sebastiaan anymore to say goodbye to them. At the bus station we didn’t had to wait very long for the bus to the airport. I stopped eating and drinking to minimize the possible problems and that helped. Side problem is of course that I am very weak now. Then the waiting started. It was about eleven and the plane will leave at three o’clock. Just hanging close to the toilets. In the plane I fell soon asleep so I don’t recall anything of the flight. I brussels we took the train to Holland. First we went to my friends in the Italian restaurant where we should have been eating, but under the circumstance that wasn’t a very good idea. Then finally to home. My daugther had hanged decorations to the door and inside the house. It felt quite strange everything seems so small and narrow after all the time in the open air all day. I took a whiskey to burn down the basterds in my stommach and intestins and that felt quite good, a good joint and then to my own bed. Delicious that felt so good.
I think it will take sometime to get aquainted again to the new situation. A kind of split feeling It is over and accomplished. But I am still on the Camino.

Now the afterworks start. Organizing all the pictures and putting them on the site.

You will find them on: below the blog very soon

Buen Camino to all of you and thank you for the interrest and the remarks. It helped me sometimes very much.


Day 116 (24-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 24 Aug, 2015 23:50:43

What a drag it is having to wait with nothing to do. I awoke at half past six. I finished the blog and wrote my diary. By that time Loes had awoken too. We dressed and went downtown to get breakfast and coffee. After being to the post office and the tourist office, we went to the cathedral square. We wanted to go to Finestra by bus, but the next bus would depart at one o’clock and it was ten by then. We started walking to the bus station. The square in front of the cathedral was much more quiet. Too early for the tourists I guess. At the bus station we drank coffee and decided not to go to Finestra. Yesterday I ate something wrong and have to go to the toilet all the time. Besides that it is a trip of two hours go and again two hours back by bus, just to be there three hours. We decided to walk back to the Alberge to find the track for tomorrow. Back at the alberge we met Vincent and Sebastian. They have just returned from Finestra. Very nice to see them again. Vincent’s knee is not better in anyway. We talked a while and then went to town for lunch. We ate with Vincent Sebastian went to the housechamber to organize his journey home, he has lost his passport. After eating we also went there and chatted a while with Dick and Anneke. Back at the Alberge we drank some beers together and ate. Tomorrow finally homeward.

Till tomorrow.

Day 115 (23-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 24 Aug, 2015 00:12:28

Although I went to sleep quite late last night I awoke at six. No problem there are tasks left from yesterday. I wrote the blog and my diary. After finishing that it had become eight o’clock. Loes was still sleeping so I dressed and packed my backpack and then awoke Loes. At nine we left the hotel and went to the Seminario Menor. Now they had room for us and we checked in for two nights. I had to choose between the dormitory or two single rooms. I choose for the single rooms, no more snoring and noisy others. We left the luggage in lockers and went to the center to get something to eat and coffee. First we went to the cathedral. I embraced the statue of St. James and thanked him for his help at my Camino. A worthy end to my pilgrimage. We got our coffee and food afterwards. Then to the special pilgrims mass. Although I am not religious it made an impression on me specially the singing was beautiful and the swinging of the censer was special. After the mass I went back to the alberge, I underdressed myself this morning. I don’t walk anymore so I was freezing in the stiff wind and rain. Loes went to the housechamber to await me. Again she was welcomed by Dick and Anneke the hosts. After changing my clothes I went there too. It was raining cats and dogs. Poor Alvero who is now walking towards Finestra. We ate and then roamed a little bit through the city. I took a picture of Loes at the Coquille. We had a photo printed to thank all the people who supported us all the time.

Tomorrow maybe to Finestra by bus if the weather will allow it.

Till tomorrow.

Day 114 (22-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 23 Aug, 2015 06:30:02

I awoke at 4:30 the first idiots are preparing to leave. At six we went out of bed, it was impossible to sleep anymore. Smoking, dressing and packing. We left at a quarter to seven. Already the street was in heavily use by “pilgrims”. As we left the town and walked toward Santiago the mass of people became more clear. The chattering and shouting is annoying. Why can’t people, if they must talk, do it soft in order not to disturb nature and other people. It was a clouded day but not cold, perfect weather to walk. The track is well marked not only by the signs, but also by the vast amount of left toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs and other pollution. At Anemal we drank coffee. We walk around the airport of Santiago. At the head of the runway in the fence was a gigantic polution.

It looks like everybody leaves the things they don’t need any longer hangs in the fence. In Lavacolia we drank another coffee. On the wall of one building is written touregrinos no! Gratias! Apparently not everyone is very happy with the crowd. On the same wall Buen Tourismo. Of course the Camino is a important source of income for a lot of people along the track. Ater the last climb to Monte do Gonzo we descended to the city. There is no sight at the cathedral from above. Big hotels block the sought at the center of the city. I still had my stone with me. Because I didn’t come along the Cruz Ferro I had decided to put it away at the first sight at the cathedral and so I did. The crowds in the streets are overwhelming. Finally we reached the square of the cathedral. We made some pictures of course and went on to the Officina do Peregrinos. A long queue of pilgrims is waiting there. And we waited with them. Looking around to see whether we would meet again with some of the known pilgrims. After we got our Compostellas we went to the housechamber for pilgrims from the lowlands next to the officina. We had a warm welcome with coffee over there. They helped us with arranging the back flight at Tuesday and advised us for a trip to Finestre. Very nice and refreshing to speak with people in normal Dutch. Then we had still to find a place to sleep. But Santiago is full. It had started to rain. We found a fucking expensive hotel, but we have a place. Tomorrow we will find something more suitable. We went back into the city to have a beer and to eat, because we missed that in the hectic. In the evening we met up with Alvero and friends to have the beer we promised to drink together and we had a very pleasant night together.

Till tomorrow.

Day 113 (21-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 21 Aug, 2015 17:10:11

I had a very bad night. I awoke at 1 and then again at 3. After 3 I couldn’t sleep anymore. At half past four the first idiots started rumbling around packing, dressing and god knows what else. After them came still more of those. Loes was also already awake so we decided to raise. At a quarter past six we left. It is still dark, but certainly not quiet when we left the town. In the first half hour we encountered more people then normally on a whole day including the alberge. Almost all had torches or used their mobile as torch. So any night vision is made impossible and the noise they made. A warm welcome to the Camino Frances, no more silence, this is a new reality. We drank coffee and then the extend became clear: This is the fourdays marches of Nijmegen. Ok we adjusted and accepted. It’s only two days and Santiago will probably be worse with all the tourists. Around 12 we arrived at the alberge, which is still closed. A long queue of waiting people in front of the door. There are 126 beds and so it will probably full. Loes went to inform in another alberge, there was room for us. This alberge is only accessible to pilgrims that walked at least 500 km. Justice in the end, no tourists over here. After checking in and installing ourselves we went to eat. Tomorrow to Santiago. That gives a double feeling: The end! but also disbelieve it cannot be true. We will see tomorrow.

Till tomorrow.

Day 112 (20-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 20 Aug, 2015 23:28:51

I had a very good nights rest and so had Loes. What a luxury to sleep in a double bed with my wife next to me. The alarm sounded at six thirty. Packing and dressing, the bar next door was already open so we drank coffee and ate something and then on the road. Outside we met Alvero, his friend has tripped yesterday evening and hurt her ankle. What a pity so close to Santiago. She will go to Santiago to get her ankle examined. The Camino is over for her this year, but it will be there next year. We started walking. We climbed out of the valley and had a very nice view over Sobrado in the coloring sky of the dawn. It was quite clear so it will be warm today. For Loes the climbing is very difficult the result of a lack of training. We had a beautiful sunrise. It was a very nice track today, quiet country roads. At a certain point all the markings disappeared, quite annoying because it is also a split in the track. There are two different possibilities a short and a long one. With the help of the guide and the GPS we found the right track. alvero is walking in close range with us. In the afternoon we walked into Arzua. There was already a long queue in front of the alberge. Everything seems to be full and they will open a sports hall for the pilgrims. We decided first to go eating. While we were eating 4 girls who are also there and had a place in the alberge decided to go elsewhere. We could take there place. Thank you Saint James. After showering Loes takes a nap and I did the shopping.

Yesterday I decorate my new walking stick and today they took a picture of Alvero and me.

For me it is still hard to comprehend that my journey is almost finished. 2 more days are left to Santiago. Tomorrow we will go to Pedruso. Let us see how it will go.

Till tomorrow.

Day 111 (19-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 19 Aug, 2015 19:02:35

It has been a clear and cold night. Millions of stars looked down on us. A very fine experience after a long time. We awoke at dawn. Everything is wet from the dew and it is very cold. We packed and dressed in a hurry, walking must warm us again. It was clouded but we had a nice sunrise. Although the sun hardly was visible it colored the sky beautiful. We stood high and had a view over the surrounding valleys filled with fog. Nice country roads sometimes with asphalt, but mostly gras or stone covered. Although we didn’t had to climb much it was difficult for Loes. Little pains everywhere, no surprise this is her third day, but she managed. Around ten we came on the highest point for today and there was a very simple bar. We drank coffee and ate some bread with fresh white cheese, very tasty. At 11 we went on our way again. Finally the sun broke through the clouds and warmed it up. The track was very nice to walk small roads on both sides bordered with rock or higher meadows. Only the last 5 km to Sobrado dos Monxs we walked along the local road which was relatively quiet. The alberge opens at half past four, so we decided to eat first. Loes isn’t yet used to the amount of food. Next to the bar is a hotel and we decided to rent a room there, a little privacy and we can shower immediately and we will not have any snorers around. We walked 24 km today. Tomorrow to Arzua 22 km. That will probably a shock to me. Something like I experienced in San Sabastian after the rest of French. In Arzua will join the Camino Frances. Something like turning from a country road up to the A4 in the peak hours. We will see.

Till tomorrow.

Day 110 (18-08-2015)

Verslag Posted on 18 Aug, 2015 19:04:58

For Loes it was the first night in an alberge, she said it wasn’t a very good night. She slept very light and was several times awake during the night. I slept perfectly. At half past six the alarm sounded and we started the day. Packing dressing and smoking. Then to the bar next door for coffee and then on the road. It was a bit fogy, I like that always, it gives a mysterious aspect to everything. The beginning of the track is along the road and the railroad not very inspiring, but there is hardly any traffic so it wasn’t too bad after all. Then we came to the nice parts of this day, forest roads and country roads. Very nice and quiet. Along the track I found finally the right walking stick, the perfect size and weight for me. It only needs some decorations to personalize it. Along the track we drank coffee in a very nice bar in the middle of the woods very quiet and very pilgrim friendly. Later on we came along the house of a stoneartist. He also has a surprise for the pilgrims a real lack stamp for the credential. Inside the house and in the garden are a lot of sculptures, some very beautiful. But we have to go on. Not very long after that we found a bar with a small shop. We drank some beer and bought cheese. There we met a German pilgrim with whom we talked a while and then walked on. As. Was to expect the alberge is complete no problem. About 500 meters further along the track is a restaurant. We ate a menu peregrino. After one and a half hour we walked on. We will not go very far anymore today just finding a place to camp this night the next alberge is 25 km further, which is to far for Loes. After about three quarters of an hour we found that spot. Here we wil sleep and tomorrow we will go on.

Till tomorrow.

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