This will be the final entry in the blog. Today we will go home. After a terrible night in which the food poisoning really developed. I awoke at 8:30 and I was exhausted. We packed our gear and went walking to the bus station. It is a pity we didn’t see Vincent and Sebastiaan anymore to say goodbye to them. At the bus station we didn’t had to wait very long for the bus to the airport. I stopped eating and drinking to minimize the possible problems and that helped. Side problem is of course that I am very weak now. Then the waiting started. It was about eleven and the plane will leave at three o’clock. Just hanging close to the toilets. In the plane I fell soon asleep so I don’t recall anything of the flight. I brussels we took the train to Holland. First we went to my friends in the Italian restaurant where we should have been eating, but under the circumstance that wasn’t a very good idea. Then finally to home. My daugther had hanged decorations to the door and inside the house. It felt quite strange everything seems so small and narrow after all the time in the open air all day. I took a whiskey to burn down the basterds in my stommach and intestins and that felt quite good, a good joint and then to my own bed. Delicious that felt so good.
I think it will take sometime to get aquainted again to the new situation. A kind of split feeling It is over and accomplished. But I am still on the Camino.

Now the afterworks start. Organizing all the pictures and putting them on the site.

You will find them on: below the blog very soon

Buen Camino to all of you and thank you for the interrest and the remarks. It helped me sometimes very much.