What a drag it is having to wait with nothing to do. I awoke at half past six. I finished the blog and wrote my diary. By that time Loes had awoken too. We dressed and went downtown to get breakfast and coffee. After being to the post office and the tourist office, we went to the cathedral square. We wanted to go to Finestra by bus, but the next bus would depart at one o’clock and it was ten by then. We started walking to the bus station. The square in front of the cathedral was much more quiet. Too early for the tourists I guess. At the bus station we drank coffee and decided not to go to Finestra. Yesterday I ate something wrong and have to go to the toilet all the time. Besides that it is a trip of two hours go and again two hours back by bus, just to be there three hours. We decided to walk back to the Alberge to find the track for tomorrow. Back at the alberge we met Vincent and Sebastian. They have just returned from Finestra. Very nice to see them again. Vincent’s knee is not better in anyway. We talked a while and then went to town for lunch. We ate with Vincent Sebastian went to the housechamber to organize his journey home, he has lost his passport. After eating we also went there and chatted a while with Dick and Anneke. Back at the Alberge we drank some beers together and ate. Tomorrow finally homeward.

Till tomorrow.