Although I went to sleep quite late last night I awoke at six. No problem there are tasks left from yesterday. I wrote the blog and my diary. After finishing that it had become eight o’clock. Loes was still sleeping so I dressed and packed my backpack and then awoke Loes. At nine we left the hotel and went to the Seminario Menor. Now they had room for us and we checked in for two nights. I had to choose between the dormitory or two single rooms. I choose for the single rooms, no more snoring and noisy others. We left the luggage in lockers and went to the center to get something to eat and coffee. First we went to the cathedral. I embraced the statue of St. James and thanked him for his help at my Camino. A worthy end to my pilgrimage. We got our coffee and food afterwards. Then to the special pilgrims mass. Although I am not religious it made an impression on me specially the singing was beautiful and the swinging of the censer was special. After the mass I went back to the alberge, I underdressed myself this morning. I don’t walk anymore so I was freezing in the stiff wind and rain. Loes went to the housechamber to await me. Again she was welcomed by Dick and Anneke the hosts. After changing my clothes I went there too. It was raining cats and dogs. Poor Alvero who is now walking towards Finestra. We ate and then roamed a little bit through the city. I took a picture of Loes at the Coquille. We had a photo printed to thank all the people who supported us all the time.

Tomorrow maybe to Finestra by bus if the weather will allow it.

Till tomorrow.