I awoke at 4:30 the first idiots are preparing to leave. At six we went out of bed, it was impossible to sleep anymore. Smoking, dressing and packing. We left at a quarter to seven. Already the street was in heavily use by “pilgrims”. As we left the town and walked toward Santiago the mass of people became more clear. The chattering and shouting is annoying. Why can’t people, if they must talk, do it soft in order not to disturb nature and other people. It was a clouded day but not cold, perfect weather to walk. The track is well marked not only by the signs, but also by the vast amount of left toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs and other pollution. At Anemal we drank coffee. We walk around the airport of Santiago. At the head of the runway in the fence was a gigantic polution.

It looks like everybody leaves the things they don’t need any longer hangs in the fence. In Lavacolia we drank another coffee. On the wall of one building is written touregrinos no! Gratias! Apparently not everyone is very happy with the crowd. On the same wall Buen Tourismo. Of course the Camino is a important source of income for a lot of people along the track. Ater the last climb to Monte do Gonzo we descended to the city. There is no sight at the cathedral from above. Big hotels block the sought at the center of the city. I still had my stone with me. Because I didn’t come along the Cruz Ferro I had decided to put it away at the first sight at the cathedral and so I did. The crowds in the streets are overwhelming. Finally we reached the square of the cathedral. We made some pictures of course and went on to the Officina do Peregrinos. A long queue of pilgrims is waiting there. And we waited with them. Looking around to see whether we would meet again with some of the known pilgrims. After we got our Compostellas we went to the housechamber for pilgrims from the lowlands next to the officina. We had a warm welcome with coffee over there. They helped us with arranging the back flight at Tuesday and advised us for a trip to Finestre. Very nice and refreshing to speak with people in normal Dutch. Then we had still to find a place to sleep. But Santiago is full. It had started to rain. We found a fucking expensive hotel, but we have a place. Tomorrow we will find something more suitable. We went back into the city to have a beer and to eat, because we missed that in the hectic. In the evening we met up with Alvero and friends to have the beer we promised to drink together and we had a very pleasant night together.

Till tomorrow.