I had a very bad night. I awoke at 1 and then again at 3. After 3 I couldn’t sleep anymore. At half past four the first idiots started rumbling around packing, dressing and god knows what else. After them came still more of those. Loes was also already awake so we decided to raise. At a quarter past six we left. It is still dark, but certainly not quiet when we left the town. In the first half hour we encountered more people then normally on a whole day including the alberge. Almost all had torches or used their mobile as torch. So any night vision is made impossible and the noise they made. A warm welcome to the Camino Frances, no more silence, this is a new reality. We drank coffee and then the extend became clear: This is the fourdays marches of Nijmegen. Ok we adjusted and accepted. It’s only two days and Santiago will probably be worse with all the tourists. Around 12 we arrived at the alberge, which is still closed. A long queue of waiting people in front of the door. There are 126 beds and so it will probably full. Loes went to inform in another alberge, there was room for us. This alberge is only accessible to pilgrims that walked at least 500 km. Justice in the end, no tourists over here. After checking in and installing ourselves we went to eat. Tomorrow to Santiago. That gives a double feeling: The end! but also disbelieve it cannot be true. We will see tomorrow.

Till tomorrow.