I had a very good nights rest and so had Loes. What a luxury to sleep in a double bed with my wife next to me. The alarm sounded at six thirty. Packing and dressing, the bar next door was already open so we drank coffee and ate something and then on the road. Outside we met Alvero, his friend has tripped yesterday evening and hurt her ankle. What a pity so close to Santiago. She will go to Santiago to get her ankle examined. The Camino is over for her this year, but it will be there next year. We started walking. We climbed out of the valley and had a very nice view over Sobrado in the coloring sky of the dawn. It was quite clear so it will be warm today. For Loes the climbing is very difficult the result of a lack of training. We had a beautiful sunrise. It was a very nice track today, quiet country roads. At a certain point all the markings disappeared, quite annoying because it is also a split in the track. There are two different possibilities a short and a long one. With the help of the guide and the GPS we found the right track. alvero is walking in close range with us. In the afternoon we walked into Arzua. There was already a long queue in front of the alberge. Everything seems to be full and they will open a sports hall for the pilgrims. We decided first to go eating. While we were eating 4 girls who are also there and had a place in the alberge decided to go elsewhere. We could take there place. Thank you Saint James. After showering Loes takes a nap and I did the shopping.

Yesterday I decorate my new walking stick and today they took a picture of Alvero and me.

For me it is still hard to comprehend that my journey is almost finished. 2 more days are left to Santiago. Tomorrow we will go to Pedruso. Let us see how it will go.

Till tomorrow.