It has been a clear and cold night. Millions of stars looked down on us. A very fine experience after a long time. We awoke at dawn. Everything is wet from the dew and it is very cold. We packed and dressed in a hurry, walking must warm us again. It was clouded but we had a nice sunrise. Although the sun hardly was visible it colored the sky beautiful. We stood high and had a view over the surrounding valleys filled with fog. Nice country roads sometimes with asphalt, but mostly gras or stone covered. Although we didn’t had to climb much it was difficult for Loes. Little pains everywhere, no surprise this is her third day, but she managed. Around ten we came on the highest point for today and there was a very simple bar. We drank coffee and ate some bread with fresh white cheese, very tasty. At 11 we went on our way again. Finally the sun broke through the clouds and warmed it up. The track was very nice to walk small roads on both sides bordered with rock or higher meadows. Only the last 5 km to Sobrado dos Monxs we walked along the local road which was relatively quiet. The alberge opens at half past four, so we decided to eat first. Loes isn’t yet used to the amount of food. Next to the bar is a hotel and we decided to rent a room there, a little privacy and we can shower immediately and we will not have any snorers around. We walked 24 km today. Tomorrow to Arzua 22 km. That will probably a shock to me. Something like I experienced in San Sabastian after the rest of French. In Arzua will join the Camino Frances. Something like turning from a country road up to the A4 in the peak hours. We will see.

Till tomorrow.