For Loes it was the first night in an alberge, she said it wasn’t a very good night. She slept very light and was several times awake during the night. I slept perfectly. At half past six the alarm sounded and we started the day. Packing dressing and smoking. Then to the bar next door for coffee and then on the road. It was a bit fogy, I like that always, it gives a mysterious aspect to everything. The beginning of the track is along the road and the railroad not very inspiring, but there is hardly any traffic so it wasn’t too bad after all. Then we came to the nice parts of this day, forest roads and country roads. Very nice and quiet. Along the track I found finally the right walking stick, the perfect size and weight for me. It only needs some decorations to personalize it. Along the track we drank coffee in a very nice bar in the middle of the woods very quiet and very pilgrim friendly. Later on we came along the house of a stoneartist. He also has a surprise for the pilgrims a real lack stamp for the credential. Inside the house and in the garden are a lot of sculptures, some very beautiful. But we have to go on. Not very long after that we found a bar with a small shop. We drank some beer and bought cheese. There we met a German pilgrim with whom we talked a while and then walked on. As. Was to expect the alberge is complete no problem. About 500 meters further along the track is a restaurant. We ate a menu peregrino. After one and a half hour we walked on. We will not go very far anymore today just finding a place to camp this night the next alberge is 25 km further, which is to far for Loes. After about three quarters of an hour we found that spot. Here we wil sleep and tomorrow we will go on.

Till tomorrow.