Lonely days are over! We awoke at 7:30 packing and dressing and then drinking coffee. At seven we take off. I made a track on the GPS to Baamonde, it connects with the Camino after 20 km. It is a nice route partially on asphalt but very quiet roads and partially over country roads. The terrain is slightly raising and descending, but not very much. For Loes this is her first day so she has to get acquainted to it, but she managed it well. For me too it is adjusting. I have to walk much slower then I was used to, but not really problem. We took rests but unfortunately there are no bars on our road so we will do with water. At half past twelve we were at the Camino and shortly after we came to a bar. Coffee and food. We walked a while along the local road and came to Baamonde. There was enough place in the alberge. After checking in and dumping our gear we went for a terrace for beer. The first one I encountered at the Alberge was Alvero, the guy I talked to and look at the sky at Xo Gusto, I didn’t expected to see him again, but here he is and can take the picture of me he wanted. We chatted a while and then he goes for a nap. We went for the beer and afterwards some, shopping. Back at the Alberge I started writing my diary and then I got in a conversation with a Finnish guy. He has already walked the Camino Frances went to Muxia and Finestra then back to Santiago. From there he has taken the train to Bayonne and walked from there parts of the Camino del Norte. Amazing. After a nap by Loes we ate and then to bed.