This is gonna be a lazy day. I awoke at six but went back to sleep it is still too early. I slept a while but at seven the lights were turned on and I arised. Dressing, packing and waiting. I have only to walk 12 km and the room in the hotel will only be available from midday. Standing outside smoking and talking with Vincent, Sebastian, Anne and Fredrick. At 8 I had a breakfast and finally at 9 I leave together with the others. Back in the centre we said goodbye and went our separate ways. Vincent to the bus station, the others to Baamondo and I to the hotel. I had the waypoint of the hotel so the GPS guides me. Quite boring along two straight roads. Sometimes it was drizzling, but no big showers. The temperatures were ok, good weather to walk. At eleven I was at the hotel, it is in the middle of nowhere, but it looks good. The room is free already. I checked in and then went into the village to look around. I didn’t expect Loes to arrive around four. I found a bar with a menu do dia and ate there. Then wait again. At a quarter to four she arrived finally. I was sitting already half an hour at the entrance waiting because the hotel is obscured from the road. Luckily for the taxi drove by at first. Then at last I can hold her in my arms after more then two months. The rest wil have to come from your own imagination. Tomorrow we will have a resting day and then we will start walking again.

Till the day after tomorrow.