I awoke at seven thirty, yesterday it had became so late because of the eating together, writing my diary and part of the blog. The first thing I did after smoking a cigarette was finishing the blog. Then dressing and packing. The bar was open so I could drink coffee. Vincent was also preparing for take off. It is clouded again and there was a cold wind. Only about 20 km today. From the start I had a stiff pace to get a little bit warmth. The track is nice farmlands are interchanged with small forest, truly nice. Atb about 10 there was a bar so I could drink coffee and eat a sandwich. Then again back into the drizzling. Nevermind it is part of the game. Nothing much happened on the road, just a nice walk. At half past twelve I reached the Alberge. There are people waiting in front of it waiting for it to open. I decided to walk on for in the city another one and they have a washing machine and a dryer. I set goodbye to Anna who is waiting there, maybe we will meet again in Santiago. In the new Alberge, all my clothes go into the washing machine, the result is questionable, but it is cleaned. As i was writing my diary Vincent arrived at the Alberge. He is looking for his brother. And the two German girl: Anna and Frederique. They are not here and I haven’t seen them at the other Alberge. He tries to call them with my phone, because he dropped his phone in the toilet this morning but there is no reach. He went back to the other alberge by taxi, but an hour later he was back. He didn’t find them there either. He decided then to go back to town to meet them there. A while later Sebastian and the German girls arrived without Vincent. Quite a hilarious situation. In the end it turns right and Vincent is also safely at the Alberge. We chat a lot waiting and boring ourself. Hungry in one word. Together we went back to the center and had a meal, it was quite good the food and more than enough. We enjoyed ourselves. Later a Hungarian man, who lives in Bergen(N) and a Canadian woman from Montreal joined us. We had a lot of fun. Tomorrow I wil walk to the hotel where I will meet Loes again. I am longing for it. It is strange that exactly at this moment I cannot make calls because my phone can’t find a network.

Tomorrow I will go on and we will see.

Till tomorrow.