It was a very cold night with a lot of wind. My feet were close to the window and that couldn’t close. There was a lot of draught. I ended up with my socks on and my t-shirt on into my lining sack. After a few times awakening, I finally went out of bed at seven thirty. At eight I was on my way. It was very clouded but sometimes the sun could break through. Very beautiful enlightened clouds and spots of sunlight on the fields. At Villanova de Lourenza I drank coffee. It had rained in the meantime so I couldn’t stay sitting for a long time . On with the route. I met again with the Dutch brothers. One of them has forgotten his shoes, the day before I cannot imagine that. He has to wait all day because other pilgrims will bring his shoes with them. Not so bad, he has problems with his knee so that will get some rest. Then the big climb starts. Slowly but gradually I come higher. As I was resting Anna and two other polish women, mother and daughter, came along. We took some pictures and chatted a while. But we must go on. We will meet again in Gontan. The Alberge is full opposite however there is a pension. I will sleep under the roof in a very small room. I don’t care as long I can sleep somewhere. The pension filled up also very quickly. The Dutch brothers are also in the pension. We ate together. For me the first in a longtime not having my meal alone. Very nice.

tomorrow to Vilalba only 20 km.

till tomorrow