I wanted to sleep long, but how did you do that? At 6 I was awake. I smoked a cigarette and went to bed again. At half past seven I awoke again. Dressing, packing and off we go. Finding the right way is in most cities a big problem and Ribadeo is not the exception to the rule. With the help of the GPS I did succeed. I also checked the direction because once walking back has been enough. To summarize the day climbing a bit descending and then climbing again. It was still very hot and humid, because it didn’t rain last night. Around eleven o’clock the sun breaks through the clouds, adding up the heat. At Vilela there is coffee. I couldn’t drink coffee at the hotel because the bar wasn’t open yet. And then on the road again. It was really hot in the sun. The landscape is quite different from the last weeks. No more sea, but valleys. It resembles like the French bask land, but there are more villages, the villages are smaller and the valleys are narrower. At last I came to Villamartin Grande, 10 houses clustered, but there is a small building with tables and chairs and two vending machines. Yes beer!! I stayed there a while enjoying the shade, the beer and some food. There were more pilgrims that took there rest there. But the road goes on, only a few more km to go. The Alberge in Gondan is closed there is another one just 2 km further along the track, there is room and there is a restaurant and bar. The first thing I do is going to the restaurant, I was just in time to get food. The food wasn’t quite good, but it’s food and I am not at a gourmet tour. After the meal back to the Alberge, having a shower and writing my diary. I talked a while with a polish woman and a Italian guy. The polish woman. Is called Anna and I have seen her several times before and we talked several times before. With the Italian guy I stayed awake a long time after Anna was gone to bed. We talked about the Camino and live in general while watching the sky. It is the time of the Perse├»ds. It is a strange night one side of the sky is completely clear and at the other
side the sky is clouded and is lite with lighting. Finally I saw 1 meteorite, but a big one. At twelve we went to bed, because it was getting cold.

Another day has finished.

Till tomorrow.