Although there were maybe 60 pelgrims in the alberge it was quite silent. Ok it took sometime but at 11 everybody was quiet and there were no snorers. As I awoke it was still quiet. I slept next to the door so I could pack the last things outside. At six I am on the road as usual. It didn’t rain this night, so it was still very humid, the sky was completely covered. After a short while I passed the other alberge. There are already people awake too. In the center of the village is already a bar open, time for coffee. I met with Fred, I have seen him already several times before but we never talked. He too is Dutch from Amersfoort originally, but I forgot to ask where he is living now. We share the love for the dawn and the sunrise and above all the silence. As it goes after the coffee we separated and went on. Later he warned me as I almost missed a turn, which leads to the coast. A spectacular and worthy goodbye to the coast. Capo Blanco it took almost 2 hours to pull myself loose, even with the gray daylight, what a wild beauty. At several points later on along the track I had beautiful views. At Tapia I drank coffee and ate something. I went to the Alberge for a punch. The Alberge is beautiful situated near the edge of a cliff. To my other surprise there were people still sleeping and it was half past . They must have been very tired. At the beach of playa de Penarredonda I ate and drank again. Although there is no direct sun it was very hot and humid. The Alberge in Ribadeo is complete as was to expect with only 22 places. Ribadeo is a tourist center so it took a while to find a hotel and expensive.

Nevermind tomorrow another day with new changes. Loes will come one day later on Saturday there was no other flight available straight From Brussels to Santiago. At 25th of August we will fly back home. It’s hard for me to imagine how that will be after almost 4 Months on the road. I suppose just like now I will take it as it comes, day by day.

till tomorrow.