I awoke at the normal time, the girls are still asleep, dressing. Packing the last things. Normally I then smoke a cigarette, but I couldn’t open the door. Back to the room fetching the keys. Now the door is open. Luckily I checked whether I could open the door from the outside too and that wasn’t possible, I blocked the door with a chair. Finally I left at six. The sky is clear, but it was still pitch dark. With the help of my little friend I found my way through the bush. I came to the road again and climbed to the coastal plateau. I had a great view at the beach down in the dark. Just t her reflections of the moon on the breaking waves. For quite a while I followed the road while the dawn proceeded. As the sun rose I reached the boarder of Luarca. From the plateau I had a view over the harbor and city. After having descended I ate and drank coffee. At the terrace I met 2 Dutch brothers. The have started at Llanes. One of them has done the Camino Primitivo before. After a chat I go on, climbing up again at the other side of the harbor. The track goes now for a while trough quiet country roads, but meets up with the new A8 and also the track is changed because of that. The marking is not yet there either. At half past twelve I arrived at Villapedre. Time for a beer and a meal. It was warm and very humid. The meal wasn’t very good. As I had finished one of the Dutch guys came in and a few other known pilgrims. We chat a while and then I went on my way. A nice stretch through country roads until Navia. In Navia I drank some beer and went on. I walked about 30 km so I can still do some more. The track follows greatly the N634 with small sideways. At the end I am sick and tired of all the small sideways and I decided just to keep on to the N634. At Arboces I was stopped by a car filled with pilgrims, the Alberge in La Caridad is full and they are transported to another Alberge just 100 meters back. Thank you St. James I walked 42 km today it has been enough.

Tomorrow the last leg along the coast after that I will have to climb again.

Till tomorrow.