The day after. It took sometime to get asleep yesterday, because of an amount of childish youngsters that had no respect at all for the interest of others. At half past ten I. Interrupted the stupid giggeling and talking aloud in the dormitory. They stopped but still there was a lot of noise of people readying there beds, packing or unpacking their backpacks. At eleven it finally was quiet and every body to bed. At a quarter past five the first awoke me. I don’t know what they all had to do with all the noise, but I left at a quarter to six and they were still busy and making noise. ALberges don’t function for the target group they have become a kind of cheap youth hostels. So far the outing of the frustrations. As I left it was still pitch-dark because of a big cloud hanging over my head. Again the great gift of my friend Bertie saves the day. The small light makes it possible to walk the forest path in the dark. Finally I reached the old main road, I have to follow that for quite a while. Around 8 I see the sunrise. There was a bar open so I could drink coffee and eat a croissant while looking at the rising sun. The marked track differs from the described track. I followed the marked track. At some point I missed a arrow and ended at the edge of the cliffs. The reward was a beautiful view at the rocks in the water enlighted with the still low sun. The price was 300 meters back uphill to come back at the right track. The track goes down and at the other side of the valley again up. A lot of climbing and descending with only two panorama points and not that spectacular. I decided it was not worth the sweat. I kept to the track on the GPS. I ate at restaurant of a camping, it was not very good but it’s energie. Then on the road again. I go to the hotel at Canero. At first I couldn’t find it but at half past five it’s there and there is a place for me. The hotel has a special room for pilgrims with for beds. I am the first but later 2 young German girls join me. I ate at the hotel and are now in bed. Friday Loes will join me in Vilalba. She will walk the last 125 km together with me. How will it be to see, hear and feel each other again after more than 2 months. I am longing for it, so I have to walk on to get in time there.

Till tomorrow.