Day 100 !!!

It started at 5:15 after a short night. I hate

tourists, they are so noisy. Although it should be quiet from 10 o’clock it went on well past half past ten. They were at the terrace but the windows in the sleeping room are open. In the morning I woke because the first to leave are as noisy while breakfasting. I dressed and packed, drank coffee from the coffee machine and then on the road at 5:45. Here too there are disco clubs closing. Not so much as in Gijon. Aviles is not as big as Gijon so I was earlier out of the city. Climbing I got a good view at the dawn and later the sunrise. For me the most beautiful moments of the day. The track is much better than the one of yesterday. Nice country roads and parts through the woods. From El Costell we had a great view at the castle and the river. Later as we walked the bridge, we could see the castle and El Castell from beneath.

The walking was much better then yesterday I could enjoy it again. At the last 2 km it started to rain. I am in the woods, one thing eucalyptus don’t do is covering you from the rain, it falls right through. Finally I arrived at Soto de Luina. The Alberge is in a old school, all the beds are occupied but there is room enough and there are loads of matresses. I can sleep that is the main important after 42 km.

Till tomorrow.