I awoke at 5:15 because of the rain. I started dressing and packing my stuff and prepared for the rain. At a quarter to six it stopped raining. Good. At 5 to six I am on my way. The streets are filled with youngsters coming out of the disco’s. Two separate worlds meet, they look at me and I am looking at them. At their age I too walked the streets on my way home after a night of pleasure. As I left the center I came to the home areas. What a sad city at one side the house and at the other side factories and other industrial areas. It took an hour to get out of. it. I rested under the highway surrounding the city opposite a large. Electricity factory driven with coal, noise noise and noise. After the rest I started climbing to a kind of plateau all the way accompanied the noise of the electricity plant. After half an hour it finally diminished. It is gray and there is a cold wind, so little rest. Just enough to eat and then on the road again otherwise I’ll cool too much. After an hour I started to descend from the plateau. The noise of the highway is now increasing. This is the first day in a long time that I don’t enjoy the walking. What an ugly track it was also fortified by the sad weather. The last 10 km went along on one side the highway and at the other side heavy industry. Very Depressing. At half past twelve I was at the Alberge in Aviles. After installing myself I ate at the city and wrote my journal. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. After all it will be a jubilee 100 days (of solitude, joke)

Till tomorrow.