As was announced yesterday, a day of resting. Although I went to bed at nine it took until eleven before I fell asleep. The Spanish are quite noisy and to my amazement children at the age of six up to juveniles are still playing in the streets. The Spanish ways of living are quite different from ours. I awoke at 9:30 dressing and then downstairs. It’s difficult if one doesn’t speak the language. It took to 11:00 until I had my breakfast. Just miscommunication.

Another thing came obvious to me, there are a lot of elderly people at the streets slowly moving around and treated with respect by young and old. Of course this is only a small community, but I think in Holland they would have brought to a home for retired away from the daily life. Aside of this observations I did do what the intention was resting. Most of the time reading, smoking, eating, drinking some beer and again reading. My foot feels better so tomorrow I will go on. Hopefully it was enough rest.

Till tomorrow.