At six I was on my way. It was still dark when I walked out of Colugna. It was dry but heavily clouded. As soon as I started climbing my left foot started to age. There is something wrong with my big tone and the foot arch. That is going on for several days already, but it is getting worse. Yesterday I thought it came by the stonepaths in combination with worn out shoes, but I am walking on asphalt now, so it must be a case of overloading. Time for a day rest. The last resting day I had is nearly a month ago in Labouheyre. The track is nice though. I walked higher along the hillside and had nice views at the valleys down. At sunny weather it would have been more beautiful but also much more heavy. At Sebrayu was an Alberge but it is still closed. I could by a bread from the baker who just came along. After Sebrayu the track winded around the motorway, less interesting because of the traffic noise althoug there were some nice views over the river mouth of the Ria de Villaviciosa. Around eleven I walked into Villaviciosa. First coffee and then finding a place to sleep. That wasn’t a big problem this early. The room wasn’t free yet a had to be cleaned but I could get rid of the luggage. At the terrace I drank a beer and wrote the blog of yesterday. Sometimes that is a big problem, I started 3 times over and than I gave it up. I hope it will be good now at the first try.

Till tomorrow, a resting day so there will be hardly anything to tell I expect.