The Dutch guy from Amersfoort is called Kick. We had a beer together and talked awhile about the Camino and our lives. A very nice conversation in Dutch. His wife cooked a meal and I ate in the restaurant of the camping. Not a top meal, but what can one expect. Kick’s wife is bringing him by car back to Unquera from there he will walk back to the camping with only a daypack. He will greatly enjoy the scenery. I think it was the most beautiful part up to now.

My problem with walking less is solved by itself in the morning. The toilets were just too far away. At six I was washing myself and my clothes. Then I had to wait for the sun to dry my clothes before I could go. At 11 o’clock everything was ready and I was on my way. Climbing along quiet country roads. My left foot is painful with every step. At playa de Vega I drank coffee and had a short chat with 4 Italian pilgrims they started at Bilbao. And on goes the road, climbing to the top of the cliffs again. Then the track left the coast for a while, but returns to the beach again. Although it is a longer track I took again the costal track. At the right I overlooked the beach at the left side the sea breaking on the rocks a perfect place for a rest and eating something. Later I met with the friend of Vincente, I sat down and we talked awhile. Vincente is in Orviedo and will do the Primitivo, as she will, but she needs a day rest too. Together we walk awhile together. As we arrived at playa Espasa I wanted to eat a pizza she goes on. After eating I go on and meet her again, she ate too a menu del dia for €25,= real theft. Together we walked to the Alberge in La Isla. It is full, I walked on, she wanted a sunbath for a few hours and a swim. For her this will be the last possibility, for she will leave the coast from now on. This too is the Camino, you meet and separate all the time. I walked on to Colugna, there I found a hotel to sleep. Tomorrow I will go on

Till tomorrow.