Aside off marble stairs is one of the advantages of a pension that they have a minibar. After drinking the beers I switched to Bacardi cola. I haven’t drank that for a long time, it was delicious but also made me sleep through the alarm this morning. I awoke at five past six. No problem I have all the time. At seven I was on the road. Small paths along the countryside, I cannot see the sea but had a view at the mountains glowing in the sunrise. Around nine I walked into Nueve. There is a bar open so I could drink coffee and ate some sandwiches. At the bakery I bought bread and at the supermarket fruits. My basic needs for today are fulfilled. Most of the time the track goes along country roads. It was beautiful weather again. There is a slight problem with my left foot, it is painful with walking since a few days. I think it’s overloaded a bit. I took more rests then normal and I am thinking of a days rest. I arrived at Ribadesella around one. The first thing is searching for the tourist office. I get my stamp. As I informed to cheap hotels or bead and breakfast they gave me a plan with a list of hotels. As I asked if they could call them to inform if they had room, because I can’t speak Spanish, they said they were not allowed to do that and they neither could give me price indications. What the fuck is that office then for? I decided first to go eat. A menu del dis takes at least 1,5 hours, then my foot will maybe ready again. So it was. I walked on. At a camping site I decide that I will stay there. I did 27 km today. Enough one of the owners has done the Camino also starting from Bayonne, Manuel wants a picture with me as he hears that I came walking from Holland. Later I met the Dutch guy who started from Amersfoort. His wife is arrived and they are also at this camping. He has to catchup some parts, but it was very nice to meet him again. Tomorrow I will go on although a little slower, depending on my foot. We will see.

Till tomorrow.