Although I set the alarm at 6:30 I awoke at 6:05, old habits remain. I dressed and smoked a cigarette outside watching the dawn. It was dry, although there were some clouds at the horizon it was clear. I love to see it dawning and afterwards the sunrise. I packed my stuff and said goodby to Christina our very friendly and warm hospitaliero. After a short walk I came to the coast just as the sun raised above the horizon, what a sight. The sun glow on the rocks in the sea, magnificent. Every turn of the path is giving new views, I could go on taking pictures, but I have an appointment. It is good that I stopped walking yesterday. Some Dutch friends arrived yesterday afternoon on a camping just 5 km ahead. I will meet them and have breakfast with them. I really long to see again known people from home and to speak Dutch again for a while. I really feel isolated sometimes because I can’t speak Spanish and they hardly speak anything else but Spanish. At 8 I met Sinette in the shop of the camping by accident. What a joy. Sjoerd stood looking for us when we arrived at the tent. A real warm welcome, they made breakfast for me. To my shame I must say that in my enthusiasm, I hardly informed to their well being. So much to tell, so much to share, like a dam breaking. I hope they will forgive me and enjoyed it as much as I did. As always all things turn to an end. At half past nine I went on with my journey, joyful and grateful for the meeting. I climbed the rocks again and again beautiful views over the sea. It is a pity that the sea was quiet otherwise the views would’ve been even more spectacular. A bit after one o’clock I walked into Llanes. First to the well hidden tourist office and then it was time to eat again. In the centre a menu del dia for just €11 3 courses with free wine and bread. One and a half hour later I continued the journey. It was still early so there could be done some work too. I met another pilgrim that I had before in Deba, he is Spanish and speaks a little English. He has done 75 km in two days but has now a problem with his leg. He wanted to stay in Llanes, but the Alberge is complete so he will have to go on to Poo hopefully there will be room for him. We say goodbye and I went on. At Celorio I had some beers at the beach. The views are still magnificent, maybe the most beautiful up to now of my whole journey. It was about four o’clock so time to look out for a place to sleep. It is very touristic here and the campings are complete and the hotels very expensive. I walked on and found a pension in Niembro. Not very cheap but ok for once in a while. Tomorrow the next part. The promise is that the weather will be good.

Till tomorrow.