Three months on the road, what a journey. Although I didn’t sleep very well, there was a lot of draught at the dormitory, I awoke at the normal time. It was dry and heavily clouded. Right as I stepped out of the door it started to rain, not a few drops but the full load. I had to put on my rainclothes because I got chilled very fast. It was still dark and there was a cold wind. Right from the start I had to climb. After half an hour it also started to lightning and thunder. Oh what a beautiful day ?, don’t grumble this too is part of the Camino. At Pesu├ęs is a bar open time for coffee and something to eat. I walked almost 3 hours now. I changed my clothes for warmer ones and then again climbing. After Unquera just before Colombres there is a chapel, an old man tries to tell me something, but I have no idea what it was. I lit a candle for better weather. There’s also a sign which says Santiago 427.2 km my book says 487.3 km. I have seen on the road a lot of those things and seldom are they correct. Besides that it isn’t interesting, I don’t think I will miss it when I’m there?. In Colombres it is time again for coffee and food. After Colombres there is a deviation because of a new motorway, the track follows now that motorway more or less which makes it less interesting because of the noise. After Colombres it stopped raining, apparently the candle helped. In Buelna I see a restaurant it is time to eat again. As I sat down it started to rain again, maybe the candle was blown out. Aside of the restaurant is an Alberge Peregrino I decided to stay there. I walked 27 km, everything is soaked, here I can was and dry all my stuff. Tomorrow will be a new day with new possibilities.

Till tomorrow.