As was to expect after a bottle of wine, I had a very good nights sleep. As I awoke it was clouded but dry. On the road at six. I climbed to the top of the hill and had a beautiful sight over Suances all the lights of the village in the dark. The lights of Santander is reflected against the clouds but Santander itself wasn’t visible. At seven I walked into Santilliana del Mar. A beautiful medieval city, specially at this time of the day, no tourists. As I rest the first pilgrims appeared. We climbed out of the city, it was climbing and descending again. There was a bar open and I could drink coffee and ate some tortilla. The baker came along and I could buy a bread. At nine it started to rain again, not as bad as yesterday but a steady flow. There was no wind so it took some time. Along the road there was a private house that offered coffee and food to pilgrims. I enjoyed the coffee and went on. Again the marked track is inconsistent with the book. I came down to a beach where a small flow ended in the sea. In the meantime it had dried up so a good place to eat again. On my way down I sang through whatsap for my daughter who has her birthday today. Descending is nice but it means climbing afterwards again to the top of the rocks. But it pays off with beautiful views. At half past on I walked into Comillas. Time to eat an delicious menu del dia. Then further on with the way. I would like to sleep in El Tujo but it was complete so I had to walk on. I am now in San Vincente de la Barquera after 42 km. Tomorrow will be better weather it seems. We will see. Till tomorrow.