A normal start of the day at 5:30. I didn’t sleep very well because of the South Korean guys that where at the Alberge too. We talked a while and to my amazement those guys (23 and 26) walk 6-7 km a day. My god why are they here? In no way motivated for the Camino, what a waste of money. Almost diametrically to the Camino. I can understand while they met up with Mr. Lee that they longed to speak their own language for a while, like I would but it took them until half past midnight and that is at least not very social to others who want to sleep because they start early.

As I awoke I walked into a couple of Irish, they too are early starters today. I made and drank coffee and took off at six. It was heavily clouded. At the GPS I found the shortest way from the Alberge to come back at the track. It was not a very interesting route, typical suburban environment, industrial regions alternating with small villages and farmland. I wasn’t fully awake apparently because there was a shortcut through a train tunnel that I missed. It resulted in a detour of 7 km, but as a bonus I could drink coffee and eat at Oruna. Afterwards the track was badly indicated very badly so I had to search for the right track. In the mean time it had started to rain, sometimes a drizzle and sometimes a bit more than that. Again I met a bar and could drink some coffee and take care of a small blister on my big tone, the first one in a long time. While I was sitting there the Irish couple arrived and it really started to rain. I decided to wait a while until it minimized a bit. Then on again. Again the track didn’t comply with the written version. I think in this case in my favor. In Mar I saw an alberge and afterwards again in Requejada but I decided it was not yet time to stop. In Requejade I drank coffee and ate something and then went on. It wasn’t a very nice track along a very noisy and busy main road. First after Vivenda I came again at a country road and climbing. I walked 30 km today and I have had it. I saw a pension in the neighborhood of Peredo for €35 I’ll stay here. There is no food, but I still have bread, cheese and fruit so it will do. They do have beer and wine. Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow, for now this is it.

Till tomorrow.