I was on the road at quarter to six. It was clouded. And still dark I walked through the countryside while it was slowly dawning. This what I like very much. After an hour I reached the border of G├╝emes I didn’t have to go to the Alberge so I could take a shortcut through the village. At Galizano there was a bar open, so I drank coffee and ate some sandwiches. Then on to the beach. We walked on top of the cliffs and had again beautiful sights on the beaches and rocks down. Specially the sun beaming through the clouds give a very beautiful sight. As I took a rest on one of the peaks Alejandro, Katalina and Hector came along. It’s always a pleasure to see them. We took a lot of pictures, also with other pilgrims. We walked sometime together until we reached the beach. They will have a bath in the sea and I walked on, barefoot after the advice of Alejandro, it felt ok. At the end of the beach I dropped in a restaurant for beer and food. After a while the family joined me. We drank together a beer shared some pictures and finally walked on to the very to Santander. At the ferry we met several other pilgrims a lot of fun and taking pictures. In Santander the group falls again apart. The French girl, Veronique will stay in a hotel, Alejandro Katalina and Hector will take the bus to the next etappe, I will walk on through Santander to Santa Cruz de Benzara. It was a great contrast with the previous part of the day, but that is part of the journey. I am in a privat Alberge now. Tomorrow I’ll go on with the journey. I have eaten, I drank, the only thing that is missing is sleep.

Till tomorrow.