It has been a quite day with changing weather, sometimes it rained shortly sometimes the sun broke through the clouds. I started at 6:45 it is 7,5 km to the ferry and the first one goes at nine, so I will have time for breakfast. It is quiet only the cleaning service is getting the beach and boulevard ready for the tourists. A nice walk along the boulevard that seemed to be shorted in the washing because I was at the beach where the ferry will depart at 7:45. Waiting after eating, there was a lot of wind so I started to get cold, but we have clothes for that. At last at nine the ferry arrived and brought me to the other side to Santona. I drank coffee the warm up again. Then on with the road, after Berria the track starts climbing resulting in beautiful views over the beach of Berria and Noja. Then down to the beach. A perfect stretch over the beach. The weather is not very good for the sunlovers but for me it was good. It’s very clear water. I met on the beach a Korean girl, I met her before and she was taking pictures with a big Canon, I felt a little jealous. Beautiful patterns in the sand with perfect light. At Noja I got a punch and bought cigarettes and then onwards. Always onwards. The track goes now through farmlands. On the road I see again the advertisement of the Alberge that misled me before. This time. I red it well. It’s close. I decided to stay there overnight, my clothes need a good machine washing, specially my socks. Tomorrow I will make up for today. I was sitting in the sun enjoying my beer as Alejandro, Hector and Carlotta pass by. It was a very pleasant meeting again. I found out that I had been mutilating their names. And that everything was well with Carlotta after the plunge into the water. We took pictures and exchanged e-mail addresses. Probably we wil meet each other tomorrow again. Later the fran├žaise and another man from the family arrived, they will stay here too overnight. Joyfully. Tomorrow to Santander again a stretch along the beach, I hardly can wait. But first I have to eat and sleep.

Till tomorrow.