This was a more or less lazy day. I set the alarm. At 6:30 instead of 5:30 after such an intensive day I needed to slow down a bit. Nevertheless I awoke at 6:10. Packing required more time than usual, the tarp, sleeping bag an sleeping mattress must be packed also, that means in fact that I have to repack my whole backpack. At 5 to seven I was on my way. First a climb to the top of the rocks with a perfect view at the sunrise above the sea. That is quite odd for me because at home the sun sets over the sea. The first part goes along the highway, luckily it is Sunday so there was not much traffic yet. Then the track diverted to the coast line. Spectacular views on the sea breaking on the rocks. Time for breakfast, this live in its full. After 40 minutes it was time to continue the journey. At the camping of Islares I had my coffee and bought some bread. There I met again with Alejandro, Hector and Carlotta. They had taken the bus through Bilbao and slept in Pobena and slept last night at the camping here. It should be possible with low tide to cross the bay at foot, but Carlotta tripped and fell into the water, so all Caher clothes and stuff is soaked. They are waiting for the bus to Laredo to dry all her stuff. They told me the stretch through the hills is very bad, so I better stick to the road. Thanks Allessandro I will do that. The road climbs also but at least one can walk normally. In the meantime it has become very hot. At Liendo there is a bar open. Time for beer and pixtos. Shortly after that I came back on the track. At half past one I walked into Laredo through a old portal, the refuge is close to there next to a church and it’s run by nuns. It simple but sufficient. After redressing I went into the city. I ate a menu de dia, sopa pescado, bacalao and flan. After 2 coffee back to the refuge for a bit of rest and writing. This day has finished tomorrow I will continue the journey, only 19 days left till Santiago.

Till tomorrow.