What a beautiful day it has been. Great weather and great scenery. The day started early at five o’clock after a good nights sleep. It was silent in the hostel. I packed everything yesterday so I had only to dress and to drink coffee. At quarter to six I left. It was still dark and the city lights at the opposite side of the river up to the hill was a very nice start of the day. I walked along the river, not very interesting, houses at first and then industry buildings. At Getxo I crossed the river in a kind of ferry but this one wasn’t into the water but suspended from a hugh portal crossing the river. I never saw something like that. At the opposite site there are moving pathways that bring you up the hill. I loved that they must install them on every slope. Then the track continued along a cycling path at first along the highway but later through a much quieter area. This are petrified dunes that have surfaced and raised. It’s a special geological area I was told. At La Arena I drank coffee and ate some pixtos. I was close to the Alberge in Probena but it opens at 16 and now it’s 10. I decided to walk on. After climbing a high stair I got a incredible view over the beach and the village of La Arena. I met an German couple that is traveling by bike. We talked a while and they made pictures of me. Then the track went along the seaside about 60 meters above the water with beautiful views at the sea breaking at the rocks. The sun shines but it was not too hot because of the sea breeze. I enjoyed it very much. At Onton the track turned away from the coast. I saw a announcement of a new alberge, I had walked about 27 km so it seemed a good idea to me. Pity they didn’t indicated where it was, I haven’t found it anyway. So I had to go on. I thought there was another one at Ontares but I didn’t see that one either. At the end I walked into Castro-Urdiales round five. The alberge is full, but I can setup my tarp in the garden. So I sleep outside tonight. I did 47 km today two legs in one day. I past the 2000 km limit also. Tomorrow I will go on everything feels good I just need sleep. Till tomorrow.