I had a very good nights rest. No snorting for one thing. I awoke at seven. Packing and go. At the outside of my door is a luncheon packet hanging, a very nice gesture I think. Right from the start I had to climb to Puerto de Aretxabalgana along the road. There I picked up the track again. From there I descended at first along the road but after a while I went into a small track through the woods. At Goikolexea there should be coffee but it was closed. There I met again the Dutch guy from Amersfoort again. We chatted a while and then went on our way. We met again in Larrabetzu again, there is a bar and we drank coffee and ate a sandwich. From here the track went parallel to the road along a cycling path up to the border of Zamudio. From there I had to climb the last hill of this leg, 300 meters up. In the meantime the sun is really getting hot. I had beautiful views over Zamudio and the airport of Bilbao. Near the summit I had a view on top of the airplanes. At the summit there is a restaurant, sadly enough it’s closed. I stated descending to Bilbao. As I came to the bridge over the highway I saw an other pilgrim. He is not well, he is laying at his back with his backpack still on in the blistering sun. I helped him first the peaches I still had with me and with a lot of water. It was quite obvious he was dehydrated. I helped him out of the sun into the shade and gave him more water and advise to cover his head with his towel and get food and water as soon as possible. After he had recovered a bit I went on. Time to take care of myself. Now I was in need of water and food myself. It took some time before I found a restaurant. There are a lot of bars but restaurants I couldn’t find. With the help of some girls of the tourist office, who walked around, I finally found a restaurant. The portions are smaller and the prices higher in the city, nevertheless I had a good meal. After that I did shopping, new fruits and bread and cheese for tomorrow. Then on road again along the river. I passed the Guggenheim museum took some pictures and went on to the hostel. Tomorrow I will go on and will passing the 2000 km border. Only 22 legs left to Santiago, the end is closing in.

Till tomorrow.