The snoring man was here again. My god what a noise that man makes. There is even a second one so we get a duet. Nevertheless I fell asleep around eleven. At two I had to go to the toilet, that is in, a other part in which you only can reach through the outside. So I had to dress partially, the snoring concert has not finished yet. I went out to the toilets, there is someone sleeping, he probably couldn’t manage the concert. It was still clouded but dry. I smoked a cigarette and went to bed again. The concert was finished thankfully.. At 5:30 the alarm woke me up. At six I was on the road. It was dark and soon I walked on a steep and slippery stone path, so I had to go very slowly and cautiously. I managed it safely. At Gerrikaitz I took a break. I have been walking for an hour and have done only 3 km. Nevermind as long I am safe. After the next village there is a unclear situation. There are 2 roads both with arrows and blocks. I decided to follow the track that the GPS indicated. I came on a small track more steep and slippery then the first one. I reached safely Elexalde Mendata from there the paths are much better. At Alexalde Arratzu I met others from the monastery, they had chosen for the road and had no problems whatsoever. There is coffee and free tapas for pilgrims. I drank coffee and went on. From there we descended slowly to Gernika Lumo through a cycling path. I can stretch my legs, this familiar ground. I reached Gernika around 11. I did some shopping and went to the tourist office. I visited the copy of the famous painting Guernica from Picasso. It’s a tile tableau in the street. Then I had to choose, will I stay here or go on. I decided to go on to Meakaur. There is a hostel so I can eat there. It is climb of almost 300 meters and about 6 km. As I came at Meakaur it was full. It was quiet hot again and I was almost broke. The nearest place to stay overnight is Andra Mari in a hotel. I arrived there round half past three. I took a shower washed my clothes and took a nap. As I wanted to get something to eat, they told me the restaurant will open at nine. Back to the hotel. I wrote the blog, but halfway everything disappeared. At nine I got finally food. It tasted good but it took a lot of effort to keep awake. Tomorrow to Bilbao, hopefully it will be a day with better choices. This is also a part of the Camino joyfully accept the disappointments.

Till tomorrow.