What a night it has been. 8 people on a room and one snoring like a pig. I fell asleep and a few other too, but some couldn’t sleep because of the snoring. At two o’clock my Dutch neighbor packed his gear an left. I fell asleep again. At five I awoke again. He is still snoring. I get out of the bed and packed my gear and went out. I promised Alexandro to wake him and his brother and sister, but he is gone too. He is in the office and has slept there with Vincent. As I came outside the Dutch pelgrim is packing his gear. He did sleep outside on top of the picnic table. It was raining. I left at 5:45 in the rain it was still dark but I could find the track without much problems. At seven I am at the ermita and a bit later at the private alberge. Coffee to warm me up again. My raincoat was much to hot so I took it off and I was walking just in my t-shirt and shorts. The first 190 meters of climbing are done. First we go down again and then I started on the long climb to 495 meters. Climbing will not become my favorite thing to do. It is very difficult for to control my breath and to walk very slowly. After every 15 meters of ascending I have to stop to catch my breath. It takes a little longer but finally I reach the summit also. Then the ascending starts and that’s something I am good at. By 12 I walked into Markina Xemein. There is a special church with big rocks inside. If you walk under this rocks it is said you will marry within a year. I didn’t try it. I did my shopping and got a meal and then went on. I will sleep in the monastery at Zenazarra. Along the track I meet a young Dutch pilgrim and a German, they too are on the way to the monastery. As I finally arrived there it is a reunion of known people. We went to the vespers, there are seemingly only 7 monks left. After that we eat a soup we got from the monks with bread. A very nice evening with interesting talks with each other.