At half past 5 I awoke. I had a very nice evening talking with other pilgrims especially with Andrez, he is I think en,d twenties and walking with a true intention. Very nice and we will meet again in the course of the Camino. I left at 5:45, it was perfect weather for walking, clouded and not too hot. Right from the start I had to climb. I passed the Alberge of Azikio everthing is still in deep sleep it seems. I walked on and came to Zumaya. It is 7 o’clock time for rest. Here too everything is closed. I walked around the harbor. And then again I climbed the hills. It is very quite I walked high along the coastline, the silence is delicious. A little while after Elorriaga there was a bar open, at last I could drink some coffee. After half an hour Andrez comes along with another pilgrim from yesterday I walked a while with them but I am too fast for them. In the mean time we arrived at Itziar and a thunderstorm broke loose, but hardly any rain yet. I walked in a whole group of pilgrims at that moment and they all stop to tak cover and rest. I walked on. As I almost reached Deba it started finally to rain. In Deba I went to the tourist office. I will stay here tonight. The next etappe will take me up again over two hills first 338 m and then after descending 100 meters again up to 485 meters. There is no place to stay in between. It is becoming quite busy in the Alberge. There are only 19 places. I saw places given away to people who have there luggage transported by taxi. It’s a disgrace. Others who are carrying there luggage have no place. The pilgrims Andrez is in in time for a place, the other pilgrim who comes from Rome, he is called Vincenze, not. I sit writing at the tourist office because of the free WiFi, I still have no coverage. At the tourist office I saw also the couple from Holland again who are walking till Bilbao, they too are to late and have to go to a hotel. Spain implied a lot of differences to the Camino. I will see. Next days will be beter walking conditions, temperatures dropping down to round 20 c and mostly dry. Till tomorrow.