What a disaster the refuge for pilgrims. There are even families with children in the age from 7 to 14 years. They are all very noisy, I went to bed at 8:30 but couldn’t get asleep because of the noise and the heat. It resembled more a class of children at school camp. Not the slightest respect for the interest of others. At ten the door closed but it took till 10:30 for the lights got out. I finally fell asleep. At 4:30 I awoke it is very hot and noisy because of the snorting of a number of people. I went upstairs to the toilets and to the outside court to smoke a cigarette. My fellow pilgrim is there meditating. After he is finished we say good morning and talked a bit. It makes no sense to try to go asleep again. It is a clear sky so it will become hot again today. I packed and dressed and went on my way. It was 5:05. All is quiet with the help of the GPS and the present of my friend Bertie (small but very useful) I could find the way. Beautiful views of the dawn above of the bay are the reward. I came across a place where water was offered to the pilgrims complete with a punch, very nice gesture. The track goes up and down. There is a well with drinkable water in the forest so I could fill up my bottle. The sun is up and it heated up quickly. At 9 I walked into Orio. I drank coffee and did my shopping, cigarettes, bread and fruits. As I walked out of Orio my fellow pelgrim arrived with a few others, we talked a bit and said goodbye again. Buen Camino. I walked around the harbour, I could see the cod swimming, they are fishing on the other side of the harbour. The track leaves the coastline and turns to the countryside. After a while I came along camping Gran Zarautz. I took a shower washed and dried my clothes and got a meal. A completely reborn pilgrim left the camping. And the road went on. There is a problem with my phone there is no network available since San Sebastian. I walked through Zarautz and then along the boulevard in the full sun. Luckily there are a lot of water taps along and by getting down I could get some shadow to rest in. I walked into Guetaria and drank some beer. Then I saw an alberge pelegrino and that’s where I am now. Not the circus like yesterday. I had nice talks with a group of pelgrims on motivation and the road it self. Very refreshing. It’s a pity not to be able to talk with Loes, but at least she knows I’m safe, maybe tomorrow. Till tomorrow.