After a good night rest I awoke from the alarm. After coffee I am on my way. The same 3 km from yesterday I start meeting other pilgrims. Most of them Spanish and most on their first day. After an hour I had to choose between a slow ascending but longer track or a short steep one. I had walked already 5 km and raised 225 m. After another hour I walked 10 km but hardly had raised. After checking on the GPS it seemed that this track wouldn’t reach the summit. I took another path that raised and came finally at the summit. A beautiful scenery was the reward. To my left I could she Hendaye and Irun and to my right the gulf of Biscay. Then the track went slowly down to Pasai Donibane there I crossed the harbour with a very small ferry. A very nice view of the cliffs I just descended. At the other side I had to climb again to the same height, to follow the coastline over a small footpath with very nice views at the cliffs down. Again it was a hot day, but I got some sea breeze from time to time. Then the track started to descend through a forest to end on the boulevard of San Sebastian. A bigger difference is hardly imaginable. I felt like an alien. Most people hardly dressed sunbathing and I walking with a full load on my back. Again I saw another pilgrim also walking there. He’s Spanish and started his Camino in Rome. We talked a while and then went on separately, we will meet again in the Alberga. The Alberta has room for 68 pilgrims. 1 shower for the ladies and 1 for the men and only cold water. Tomorrow I must find something better I really need to wash my clothes in the machine. I smell like a pig. Tomorrow a new day with new adventures. See you tomorrow.