I slept like a baby and awoke from the alarm. In the mountains there is still the thunderstorm but down here it’s dry. Because of the clouds it is much darker then normal so took my time to drink coffee. At a quarter past six there is enough light to see the marks. I had to search to find the track but once on it I didn’t had any problems with it. I climbed until I had a nice view over Acain and then the track leveled out more or less. Around 8:15 I walked into Urrunge. As I sat on a terrace drinking coffee it started to rain, no problem I am sitting under a cover and had to wait until the tourist office will open at nine. A quarter past nine they opened up and the rain had stopped, perfectly timed I would say. Right after my visit at the tourist office for my punch I could continue my journey. At about 12 I walked into Hendaye. I had problems in finding the start of the Spanish track, but I found it. I had planned to stay in the pilgrim refuge, but it will be open from 4 and I had no intention to wait that long. So I decided to start walking along the track there are 2 more auberges along the track. Here too doesn’t the written route comply with the marked track so the next auberge I didn’t saw at all. It is quite hot so I decided to get something to eat. There’s a restaurant aside the track and I ate there. At 3 o’clock I started walking again. The next auberge is only 3 km further along the track. As I arrived it was full, there were 2 Spanish women that just had started the Camino. The hospitaliero had already organized another place for us, but we have to walk back 3 km to the village church. There I will sleep and eat tonight. Tomorrow my first day in Spain. I don’t speak a word Spanish I wil have to learn it along the road. Till tomorrow.