I couldn’t get asleep yesterday night. Somewhere around half past one I finally slipped away. At 5:30 the alarm waked me up. At 5:50 I was outside. Cambo is still asleep. Right from the start I had to climb. In the forest above Cambo I spotted a couple of youngsters sleeping in hammocks. It was rising and descending for another stream to cross and then rising again. It delivered beautiful sights on the mountains in the south. There were some clouds in the northwest but the sun was bright in the east and it was hot again and very humid. I met a couple of Dutch who are walking from St. Jean pied du Port until Bilbao from Vlaardingen. They have done the Camino already on bicycle and he has done it on foot. Now they are doing it in parts this year from St. Jean to Bilbao. There they intent to visit the Guggenheim museum and then return home. We were looking at a group of vultures that came really close. One even within 20 meters, what a gigantic view. We said goodbye and I walks on. I probably won’t see them again. At a certain point I can see the sea behind St. Jean de Luz. On my left the Pyrenees and on my right the sea. It also gave some cool breeze, delicious it was 29 c in the shade. I finally reached Again after 30 km. The first terrace I dropped in for beer. Then to the tourist office. I got my puch and a place to sleep, next to the tourist office. After the necessities I did my shopping and fell asleep. At 7:15 I awoke again. Time to eat that is also next-door. A perfect meal again. While I am writing this blog a thunderstorm with rain is passing by the first rain since Tours and it’s refreshing. Tomorrow I will reach Spain, only 18,5 km to go and then I will be finished with France. Till tomorrow from Spain.