I awoke at 4 o’clock for a sanitary stop, but couldn’t get asleep again because I was pestered by one or more mosquitoes. It is not a big deal that they sting but the annoying oozing round my head made me crazy. At 5:15 I got out of bed. Dressing, packing and then breakfast. I don’t eat much, mostly nothing, just coffee. There were plums from their own garden and I took them with me, sadly enough they weren’t ripened yet. At 5 to 6 I left. It was a very nice morning. There wasn’t much traffic yet and after a short time I could leave the main road. I had beautiful sights over the valleys filled with ground fog under a colored sky. It was dawning. At a next turn I got a good sight at the Pyrenees in the distance. At 7 I walked into LaBastide Clairence. A very nice village. It was still deserted at that time of the day. I took some rest and then went to the church. A very strange building. Around a arcade filled with tombstones, like a roofed cemetery. On the inside there are balconies. Some local style from the Basque perhaps. I walked on to Hasparen where I arrived at 9:30. As I came to the tourist office there was a woman that gave me my punch and right after that she closed the office. It wasn’t clear whether she closed or she was actually not yet open. Luckily for me. I drank coffee and did my shopping at the Intermarche at the border of the village and went on in the direction of Cambo les Baines. There was no sun, it was fully clouded and a very humid air. Quite tiring. As I walked into Cambo les Baines at 12:15 it was time to eat. A menu du jour 3 servings for €13 wine included. And it was delicious. After the coffee I went to the tourist office for a punch a a sleeping place. I will sleep in the center for €35,- , that are the better prices. After showering and doing the laundry, even the life of a pilgrim knows endlessly daily repetition of necessities, I went to the post office to send home my personal journal. Hopefully this time it will arrive. Sadly enough the last sending from St.Aubin de Blaye hasn’t arrived yet, but I stay hopeful, otherwise I will be missing a big part that cannot be replaced. Tomorrow I will follow the GR8 to Ascain or a bit further. That will be the last full day in France. The next day I will reach Spain. From Irun it will be still 800 km to Santiago de Compostella. I walked more then 1700 km now, through Belgium and France amazing. It is a very special experience and a very beautiful journey through the landscape and the mind.

Till tomorrow.