As was to expect I had a very good sleep. At 5:30 I awoke from the alarm. Slowly packing making and drinking coffee. The influence of yesterday is slowing me down. At a quarter past six I left. The first goal for today is Cam, I have to cross the Bidouze and that is the only bridge. I am now navigating solely on the map and the GPS. After Cam I had to walk along a big local road with a lot of traffic. The French don’t walk the drive in cars like madman. The sky is clear and it was beginning to warm. Along the road there is some kind of duckfarm, what a do the make. Round nine I walked into Bidache. I did my shopping, cigarettes, bread and drank coffee. The tourist office is closed so I got my punch at the Mairie. Then onwards to Bardos. I walked again along the big road in the full blazing of the sun and climbing. I take quite some rest as I find some shade. I got splendid views over the valleys to the north and east. At eleven thirty I arrived at Bardos. I had walked about 22 km and the first thing I saw was a hotel. Sadly enough they didn’t have room. First I drank a beer and then I had a meal. Plat du jour I got a plate with pasta and something that looked like schnitzel, but after a few bites it became clear that it were pork feet. This is a local specialty from black pork. It tasted very well although a little fat. Afterwards a coffee. Then I went to the Mairie, that is closed until two o’clock. I waited in the shade at a square in front of the Mairie. I had the first sighting of the Pyrenees in the distance. What a pity it was quite haze. At two I got my punch and asked for a place to sleep this night. They sent me to a monastery 8 km further along the road. I started walking again what else could I do. Luckily I came along a chambers d’hôtes, they have a room free and cold beer. After 28,5 km one earned a beer. Tomorrow I will go on. I hope to reach Cambo les Bains, we will see. Till tomorrow.