I slept very well, but awakened at 5:10 .from the noise of a group youngsters that probably came from the disco club or something similar. Nevermind I dressed packed my things and was on the road. This is a city so there will be light enough. In the beginning it is very bad indicated. several times I had to get the book out of my backpack to check the track. After half an hour I walked into some nature park with nice damping ponds, the markings are still very scares. At St. Pandelon is an auberge but sadly it is closed for it’s 14 July a national holiday. After St. Pandelon the influence of the Pyrenees is getting stronger, a lot of ascending and descending is now at hand. I walked through forest, no more production forest, but a natural mixed forest. In between fields of corn and sunflowers. At Cagnotte is a shop open. I bought bread and a saucisson sec and a coffee. Has I walked a bit further I saw a refuge for pilgrims but it’s too early to stop. I had walked about 18 km by now a fairly all on asphalt, but now I got a nice stretch trough the forest. At a certain point the indicators told me to go left, but there was also a sign straight ahead Peyrehorade 5 km. I decided to follow the signs. After a hour still no sign of Peyrehorade. As I Checked the GPS it seemed I was way off track. The markings do not comply with the book. It’s too far to return so I had to go on. I needed to go over the bridge at St. Cricq au Gave and then walking back to Sorde l’Abbeye. At St. Cricq is also a refuge for pelgrims, but they didn’t answer the phone. I called to Sorde and there I will be sleeping. On we go. It was 28 c in the shade so very hot. After St. Cricq I got lost again. With the GPS I could find finally Sorde. I am at the gite and exhausted I did 37 km today. Tomorrow will be another day I will see.