I had a good sleep, although it took sometime to catch the sleep. At 5 the alarm of my colleague sounded. I really wonder why she starts well after me around 6:30. What the hell must be done in the rest of the time. Nevermind I packed and dressed, drank my coffee and waited until there is enough light. At 5:45 I was away. It was a cool morning 12 c with ground fog. In the beginning the track was again very bad marked so I had to stop several times to check the description. Quite annoying taking off the backpack and getting the book. After a few kilometers I came into the forest. I walked a steady 5,5 km/h the first rest at 7 because it was still to cold to sit down. The sun has just raised and is trying to burn through the fog, which gives fairy tale images. At half past seven I walked into Gourbera everything was still closed so after the normal pictures of the church I walked on. I didn’t mentioned that before perhaps, but I take pictures of all the Churches I come along. After Goubera I came again into the forest. I took a rest to eat. The sun was now in full blowing, luckily the forest gave me enough shadow. My leg is holding perfectly, but there is a blister on my left foot, not very problematic but irritating. After some more kilometers I spotted a female deer we looked at each other but as I tried to pick my camera she fled. Pity. After a while I came on the asphalt road again. A man in a car stopped and gave me a big Gateaux real nice of him but much too much for me and extra weight. A little bit further I came along a deer farm so after all I have pictures of deer anyway. At 11 I walked into St. Paul les Dax. Finally I have coffee and I can retreat cash from a banking machine. I walked through St. Paul and crossed the Adour into Dax. The first I saw were the thermal sources. Even the Romans used them. Then I went to the cathedral, not very inspiring except for one portal that is sculptured on the inside. Normally you expect such a portal on the outside. After that to the tourist office for a punch. Again such a stupid and uninterested girl. I had to do it myself again. Then to the hotel showering, doing my laundry and shopping. I have decided to change my route from here I will go to Irun. I lost too much time because of the problem with my leg. So I bought some maps to make a new route. Tomorrow I will go to Peyrehorade and the divert to Irun. I miss my wife very much and my own bed also. It’s a beautiful journey but it’s beginning to draw its toll, maybe because of the boring landscape. Mile after mile the same view all trees (spruce) in one line in different stages of their life. Hopefully it will change when I reach Spain. Time to sleep, see you tomorrow.