I had a very good nights sleep. At 5 I awoke. Packing and drinking coffee. I waited until a quarter to six before leaving. There must be enough light to see the marks. It was clouded and very quiet on this Sunday morning. After a few kilometers I turned into the woods. Suddenly a boar with three piglets are on the track I tried to make a picture but they were to fast for me. This is the first time I ever have seen those in the wild. Great this day can’t become bad again. It was a very nice experience. From time to time I came to the road again and then again into the woods. At 8:30 I walked into Lesperon. I am in need of cash money to buy some cover but there is no way to get it. I can buy cigarettes with my bankcard but they don’t want to do that. Stupid French. I walked on. Now I. Faced a stretch of 12 km ahead. I changed my boots for my teva’s. The place of the inflamation is still very sensitive and the tongue of my boot is pressing on it. It’s a big difference no support of my boots gives a lot more stress on my fore foot and no support for my ankles. But there’s no pain. After all a good choice as long as I stay at asphalt. At 11:30 I walked into Taller. At the bar I got the code for the Gite. It’s a nice place. Room for 4 pilgrims. First a shower then shopping, the bar is also the only shop and it’s open. After that eating and drinking beer. Then a beauty sleep. I got a pizza for dinner and it. Tomorrow to Dax a bigger city then I will have a better meal again. Till tomorrow.