What a day it has been. I am in Labouheyre in a hotel. I will stay here at least 3 nights to let my leg recover. I started at 6 o’clock walking. It was fair weather, dawning I waled to Moustey and had a bit trouble finding the right track. At seven the first rest everything is going well. I was in the forest and the sun was rising between the trees. It’s production forest so all trees are in one line. Quite dull the only sound is from distant chicken, no singing birds or whatsoever. After the resting I went on and had to climb several times, then my leg started to become painful again. At eight I toke the second rest for half an hour and I ate something. At Pissos is the bakery open and I had another rest with coffee and a chocolatine. I got a punch at the Mairie and walked on. As I left Pissos I came at road without any shadow and the sun in now at full blaze. After that it stayed the same problem no shade and walking in the full sun a few times I found a tree that gave some shade, but scarcely. The pain in my leg is growing worse and every step hurts. Finally I reached Labouheyre at 3 o’clock. I have walked 30 km. This cannot go on like this. The must be cured at first. So I stay here how annoying it may be. I went to the pharmacy to get coolpacks for my leg. Back at the hotel I met another Dutch pilgrim on the bike. He stays at the refuge for pilgrims. I met also 2 other Dutch couple that are also on the bike but they are on holidays. We had a very nice evening together.