I went to bed quite late yesterday evening. My college pilgrim went to bed at 9, I then still had to write my journal and the blog and that takes time. It took a while before I caught the sleep but at midnight I was gone. At a quarter past 1 I awoke because of a thunderstorm. A lot of noise and lighting but hardly any rain. By 2 I was asleep again and woke up at 8:15. My college is gone as expected and I faced a day of boredom. Slowly dressing, drinking coffee and do some reading. I went to the warden pay and rested. At a quarter past 11 I went to the village to do some shopping, drinking beer and eating. I had a very nice salad with lettuce duck and turkey good for the vitamins. On my way back I. Came along the river again and bathed my legs in the cold water for 1,5 hours while reading. After that back to the camping. I had a nap while recharging my phone. God what is such a day boring, nevertheless necessary. Tomorrow I will walk again to Labouhyere. The weather was changing to day sometimes sunny sometimes clouded whit some wind. Lets hope tomorrow will be alike. Good weather for walking. Till tomorrow.