It took some time to catch the sleep yesterday, because of the heat. After taking the sheet of another bed and lying under that I felt asleep. At 5:30 the alarm sounds. I have decided to start early today to make use of the cool of the morning. It is just dawning and fresh. Perfect conditions for walking. I cross the highway and there is a lot of traffic even at this early hour. The marked track again is different from the track in the book. I choose for the marked track because it doesn’t go along the highway. At 8:30 I reached Le Muret. There is a hotel open and I get a coffee and a punch (up to now I called it wrongly stamp). I am at 10 km so halfway. Then again I have to cross the highway the climbing hurts. Possibly because of that I missed a sign and a turn. By that time I was about 3 km further and had no intention to walk back so kept going along this secondary road after a longer rest. At 11 I walked into Moustey. Two churches at one square. I go to the epicinery and by food and postcards. Then to a terrace for a beer and writing the cards. I decided that it might be to eat now and tonight bread and so I did. A very delicious meal. Afterwards I wanted to buy some beer but the shop was closed. Pity no beer tonight. On my way to the camping I came along the churches again and one was open now. It is in use as an exhibition space for artisan products. I had a nice talk with a pottery maker. I visited the exposition. Inside the church were still restaurated wall paintings. Very nice. Then 1 km to the camping in the full heat. I can sleep in a tipi together with my college pilgrim of yesterday. I was surprised to see him because he had other plans. He went shopping so he takes with him beers for tonight. Behind the camping is a river so I could cool my leg again. The water was not only cool but also very clear. I could see and feel a number of small fish nibbling at my feet and legs. That felt funny and was nice. After an hour I left. I got a shower wassed my clothes and had a nice conversation with my fellow pilgrim while drinking beer and eating. Tomorrow I will stay here to rest my leg again. Goodnight to all of you.