I was in bed at nine o’clock and awakened at half past five from my fellow pilgrim. He raised at five. Nevermind I had a good nights rest. I dressed myself packed my stuff and drank the coffee he made for me. He left at six. I wanted to wait a while because I wanted to the bakery at first. The bakery opened not at six as was on the sign but at seven at last. I didn’t want to go on the road without food with me. The nearest stop is after 15 km and when things wouldn’t work out well with my leg, I had to overnight in the forest. The weather is fine not too hot and it’s clouded. Sometimes there is a little bit of rain and sometimes a little bit rumble in the sky but that’s it. The track went through an endless forest of pine trees, all in decent rows. Typically for production forests. At eleven I was in La Grande Forge. I had called to the gite in Mons for a sleeping place and they told me I had to do my shopping in advance. So I did beer and couscous for tonight. At one o’clock I arrived at the gite. It surprised me to find the two young men from the day before yesterday there. The one who came from Bordeaux was in need of a days rest after his over enthusiastic start at the first day. The other was waiting for his mother, who was coming to pick him up by car. After the shower, a beer and the laundry a lady comes to enlist me. Apparently it’s for free here and it’s a beautiful place. Behind the gite there’s a sacred source of St. Clair. I went there to cool my leg for a while, that must help. In any case it felt good and did really cooled my leg. The inflammation is nearly gone and so is the swelling. Tomorrow I’ll try another 20 km. Bye bye.