I woke up at 5:30. It is heavy clouded and there is some thunder but no rain. It’s too early and I got back to bed. At 6:30 I woke up again by the alarm. It it’s still clouded and there has been some rain, but hardly enough to wetten the street. After tidying up I left at quarter past seven. My shin looks better after the rest and cooling yesterday evening. I really walk slow not to overload the shin again. Nevertheless it is painfully every step. I walked along léognan and saw the Lac Blue. It’s partly fallen dry or maybe it’s normal. But it’s not blue. There are some risings in the road not very high but they are killing my shin. Each half an hour I had to rest. I was walking a very long road through the forest without any traffic whatsoever. I was 4 hours on my way and had 10 km done. This will be a very difficult day. Then a car comes by. I decided to try to hitchhike and how wonderful the woman stopped. I told here what the problem was and showed her my swollen leg. She took me in and brought me all the way to Le Barp. In front of the Pharmacie although she had to make a big detour for it. Thank you lady and thank you St. James for the help. I bought at the pharmacie the only instant coolpack they had. Then I went to the Mairie for a stamp and the gite pellerin. I may stay her for 2 days hope that my shin will be cured by then. At the gite after taking of my backpack and shoes I sat in the garden with my leg lifted and the coolpack on my shin. What a relief this really helps to reduce the swelling and eases the pain. At 3 o’clock I went to the supermarket 2 km further on the edge of town. I packed my leg into wet bindings before and took a lot of rest. I bought food for 2 days and then went back. As I was ready stowing the shoppings another pilgrim arrived. He has come from Bordeaux. It’s his first day and his first mistake. Almost 40 km on the first day in this heat. He has been on his way for 11 hours and is exhausted. I gave him water and then he went to the Mairie to enlist and to collect a friend who came by car from Saintes and who will be walking with him for three days. The friend speaks fairly good English. He studies history for his master degree after having done a master in law. We have a very nice evening together with a lot of interesting talks. Tomorrow they will leave again, maybe we will meet again on the road, otherwise Ultreïa. Tot morgen.