This will be a lazy day. I woke at 6:30 because I forgot to switch off the alarm. Stupid but no problem. Slowly dressing, slowly breakfast. It makes no sense to be in Bordeaux before nine. At a quarter to nine I checked out and at 10 past I took the bus to the center. After half an hour I am in the center. Right there is the tourist office. I get a stamp and asked for a internet café. They helped me very well. Then I went to the St. Andre cathedral. Taking pictures and looking around. Aside of it is a big bell tower. To visit costs €5,50 and you have to ascend 231 steps no way that’s not for me. I went to the internet café, but I cannot solve the problem with the GPS. Pity I could make a backup of all my pictures from my phone as well as from my camera. And I managed to add some pictures to the blog. After one and a half hour I went to search for food. I found a nice place off the center and had a simple but good meal. And then it was time to start walking again. The next stop is at Gradignan south of Bordeaux. It is very hot and there isn’t very much shade. There is one thing where churches are very well for, it’s cool inside. It’s a pity you can’t smoke and there are no toilets. It’s 38c in the shade. It really blows my mind. I have pain in my right shin, but didn’t notice it before. The heat makes me unattended, my shin is quite swollen. I took a long rest on a terrace, drinking my old favorite Sirop de Menthe. It’s no good to drink alcohol the whole time in this heat. On the terrace I met Francis he was very interested in the Camino. He was telling he had a lot of problems with his boss, with alcohol and his psyche. I hope the talking may help him to find his way out. After we said goodbye I saw a bronze Coquille in the street so I am definitely on the right track. At last I reached the gîte pellerin in Gradignan. I am exhausted and in pain. I am welcomed by two ladies, they seemed glad that someone turned up at last. It was 5:30. I am pampered right away cold drink watermelon. Delicious and it’s cool inside. After a shower and washing my clothes, there is a washing machine and a dryer I am reborn. One of them takes me by car to a shopping center. Beer and fruit and water for tomorrow and food for tonight. Only rest is needed and cooling my shin. Tomorrow to Le Barp hopefully there will be a lot of shadow because it will be as hot as today. Till tomorrow.